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Code-Review guidelines

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  • 11 Jan '16

Hi guys.

On the forum we are talking mostly about battle but there are also a lot of challenges in the coding puzzle section.

I know a lot of you have solved them already but I would like to take a minute and look at one of them again, so you can share your best solution with the community.

The idea is very simple: you can share your solutions, and you can comment on already shared solutions. Don’t forget to click “like” on solutions you like.

This time we will talk about the mission robot sort with two topics for JavaScript and for Python

  • 11 Jan '16

This topic has been pinned.

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  • 9 Sep '16

Using my own account, cannot use editor or launch the easy_target mission.
Screenshot from 2016-09-10 02-25-57.png

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  • 9 Sep '16

Cannot solve puzzles, cannot close the popup.
Screenshot from 2016-09-10 02-28-26.png

  • 15 May '17

"use strict";

function myMax(a, b) {
// Your code here
// It's main function. Don't remove this function
// It's used for auto-testing and must return a result for check.

// replace this for solution
return a;


var assert = require('assert');

if (!global.is_checking) {
// These "asserts" using only for self-checking and not necessary for auto-testing
assert(myMax(3, 3) == 3, "First");
assert(myMax(0, 1) == 1, "Second");
assert(myMax(3, 2) == 3, "Third");
console.log("All set? Click \"Check\" to review your code and earn rewards!");
what is the answer in this prob?