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I think, I screw it up

  • 28 Apr '17

Hello, I try to develop new AI, but unfortunately made a infinite loop. First of all - Sorry. Second - How it is possible to hang system that can't even check code in this state?
I used while loop that condition will be never false - never end and after several try on other bases I have problem with login, check code and attack on base can't load. I thought that after every attack all code used for attack is destructed so no code sould run.
Q: Is it possible to kill this codes and make something to prevent this behavior?

  • from now only for cycles...
  • 28 Apr '17

I doubt it has anything to do with what you did. The servers just happen to be having issues now.

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  • 29 Apr '17

I created infinite loops particularly when I was newer at the game and the battles time out after something like 90 seconds automatically and it shows you as having "Lost". As the other poster said, there seems to be something wrong with their servers right now; I just started a battle and it hung saying "Delivering troops to the asteroid..." and it never used to do that.